MODERN | CONTEMPORARY. Guesthouse in Fort Worth

modern contemporary

Graduation project. 1 level
2011. Fort Worth.
Prof. Andrea Di Franco
Team: Alberto Mariotti, Gerardo Semprebon.

The site is in Texas, Fort Worth, in the same plot where Louis Kahn designed the Kimbell Art Museum, in a context featured by a regular urban grid, as anyone can see from the shape of the blocks. The shape is regular, as well the structure, facing some principles of the museum of Kahn, such as the modular composition and the horizontal develop. The section cutting the two buildings shows the relationship between them. The wave movement of the cover turns into a downhill slope ending with a vertical plane. The building investigates the relationship between private and public space of the program, working on the reinterpretation of some elements of the museum. For example the patios  can be rethought and turned into some loggias, that become the hybrid space, outdoor but covered, between the rooms of the hostel. Besides, due to the warm humid climate of Texas, where direct sun exposition can be a problem, the loggia permit to light in an indirect way the rooms. These elements suggest us to play with a composition of solids and voids, that become the main feature of the west elevation. The portico instead becomes an abstract suspended wall, hiding the vertical movement of the stairs and a more complex sequence of spaces, at the end of which, there is a terrace that grants the unique visual connection with the museum and become a space of deep contemplation.