VOIDS AND NETS | Expovillage. Temporary housing

voids and nets

2011. Milan.
Prof: Andrea Gritti
Team: Valentina Belluschi, Antonio Pagliuca, Gerardo Semprebon.

The work consists of the design of temporary accommodation , in order to host those who will work during the Universal Exhibition , ensuring the possibility of a future re-use. The project deals with the current main urban dynamics,from the point of view of their multiscalarity. In fact, as often happens in northern Italy peripheries, the project has to deal both with the infinite and dispersed aspect of the contemporary city, and both with the spatial qualities of an nearby context. According with the smart idea of a multicenter city-region really widespread and interconnected , the main theme developed, is the densification of soma urban areas, able to promote urban regeneration processes .
We worked on the recovery of abandoned open spaces, inside the urban texture, and on their organization through the creation of a slow mobility network, able to relate to the existing heavy infrastructures. The new buildings form the set of this network, which is fixed in the center of Pero and connects it to the areas of the Universal Exhibition and the fair, giving back to the city, new requalified areas.