STREAM OF LANDSCAPE | Requalification of an industrial area


2012. Terni.
Prof. Roberto Spagnolo
Team: Alberto Mariotti, Milena Pencheva, Gerardo Semprebon.

The look on the landscape, an heterogeneous and fragmented sequence of situations that come to mind in an unpredictable way , was taken by the project as the main issue in order to identify the principles of the new research center for the company TerniResearch. The result is the reorganization of sequences of landscapes, collimation and visual targets, structured by the large courtyard open to the landscape. The building and courtyard, characterized by a clear walking itinerary, recognize the horizontality of the planimetric development, but take advantage of the topography in order feature inside space with slightly modified proportions. The research for material/perceptive comparison with the rough objects of the context, the attention to energetic sustainability, and the consideration of the life cycle of the materials used, have guided the choices towards the adoption of dry technological solutions, with the inclusion of lamellar structures in the most significant sides, compatible with the idea that the company TerniResearch wants to communicate, becoming a new benchmark for the green industry.