conFRONTI URBANI | Architecture of Campus Condorcet



Graduation project. 2 level
2013. Paris
Prof. Ilaria Valente
Team: Matteo Frati, Gerardo Semprebon.

In a piece of city with an industrial vocation, interested by a strong process of urban transformation, the project for the University Campus in the northern periphery of Paris is the chance for a general redesign of the area, working with a regenerative logic. Particular attention was paid to the space of relation, as an element able to define a certain cohesion between the existing and the new. The principle of the new settlements works with a new wide open spac, an attempt of ensure a consistent and recognizable order to the different fragments of the city. The free open space assumes the role of the engine of the urban regeneration. The project works also with the urban scale through the connections of public space. The great measure, a recurring theme in Paris, is recalibrated through relationship, intervals, and limits of built and open spaces. The built volume represents the urban elevation, the artificial wing, for the life of the community, staged in the wide public open space. In the current time of instability, the elements and the measures involved, provide support to future developments of the area.