2014. Taipei.
Collaboration with Stefano Semprebon designer.

The showroom Störmer is located in a good position and, thanks to the large window that faces the street, establish a strong relationship with the public space of the city. The state of affairs of the store revealed an urgent need for acting on the unnecessary, removing what does not help to get an higher quality of the space and exposition, and reinforcing the link with the outside. The decision to adopt an essential style to rethink the image of the store, and then the one of the German company in Taiwan, aims to build a contrast with the presences of the surrounding. The German technology and efficiency are shown in the window through the product displayed, the real protagonist in the space. The store is organized in two levels. The exhibition presents some of kitchens currently in production, in which the insertion of the furniture in “home landscape”, in addition to simulate “sample” situations, allows to show other furnishings. The color orange, the company one, used the most significant points, gives recognition to the brand.