ARCu | architettura della residenza del custode


Competition “Meno di 31”
2014. Bologna

The project ARCu, “Architettura della Residenza del Custode”, is based on two principles. The first is to offer a clear and efficient architectural response to the need to put in relationship the more private spaces, those dedicated to the home, with work spaces, conceived as the place of the activity of the guardian, where he can carry out his task of control and meet with maintenance workers or customers. For this reason two autonomous accesses are provided, located at different levels. The most public, at the basement level, is identified by the concrete and provides an independent entrance to the workplace; while the private one can be reached at the ground floor through a winding path among the oaks, or from the car park behind. The second principle consists in the graft of a solid in the slope, with the consequent articulation of volume, materiala and program. The relationship with the ground is defined by three heavy elements in concrete: a platform, surrounded by a conteinment wall, on which stands the basement (the workspace). Above this hard element, lays lightly the house itself, whose projections express the discontinuity of the material, now the wood, and offer practical shelter from the weather. Inside, the residence is organized around the element of vertical distribution. The stair is in fact the mediation between the rooms of the house, allowing to separate the themselves, and, at the same time, to eliminate other distribution spaces. The vertical articulation of space define the shape of the house and the inclination of the pitched roof that, while it manifest the inner complexity of the circulation system, on the other hand, setting the building as a new tile in the landscape, looks for a dialogue with the rigid forms of the villa and the soft ones of the hills of Bologna.