Liantang. Rebuilding the destroyed heritage in a historical neighborhood

International Architectural Design Workshop.
Shanghai,  05-13 December 2016 .
Shanghai Jiaotong University + Politecnico di Milano.

Director: Prof. Ma Wenjun (SJTU)
Coordination: Prof. Cao Yongkang (SJTU)
Teaching Staff: Prof. Bovati Marco (Polimi) / Dr. Du Qian (SJTU) / Prof. Fabris Luca M.F. (Polimi) / Prof. Xuan Feng / Dr. Wu Jian


Francesca Segantin
Gerardo Semprebon
Yuan Wenjun
Yan Mengqi
Yin Zheng
Chen Nian
Zhang Yinxian


Designed in the Qing Dynasty style, Liantang is a village developed since the seventeenth century on the banks of one of the canals that form the water network in the West region of Shanghai, which center is about fifty kilometers far. The identity of the village both from the point of view of the architectural style and the features of the urban space, is so important that in 2010 it was listed as ‘Chinese Historical Town’. During the last decades the village has lost its commercial importance and today many buildings are in a state of severe decay. In 2016, during a redevelopment program, some of the original buildings were demolished, irreparably altering the image of Liantang. What can be done to revitalize this village in decline to preserve its identity? A joint international workshop between Shanghai Jiaotong University and Polytechnic of Milan, held in Shanghai in December 2016, proposed some scenarios with a series of disciplinary contributions from both universities.