MIAW 2015 | Re_forming Milan






Productive Landscapes, proposes a theory of landscape undoing the separation between “pragmatic and poetic”. Alain Roger (Court traité du paysage 1997) coined the expressions artialisation in visu and artialisation in situ to describe the mechanism behind the construction of the idea of landscape as we understand it today. In the first stage, Art offers a reading of the territory, creating
a cultural construction and an ideal to pursue. In a second stage, the cultural construction subsequently guides interventions on the territory itself. This is in line with the philosophical position of antimimesis: Life imitates art far more that art imitates life (O. Wilde, The decay of Lying, 1889). The challenge of sustainability begins with, in a first stage, carefully listening to natural cycles. If we then want such strive to become a driving force in architectural culture we need to offer a substantial enough reading of this territory to redefine our collective imaginary.

Carlos Arroyo

Fosca Bacciolo
Pietro Ballabio
Bedri Cem Etik
Rita Giannetti
Hamid Mamdouh
Stefano Minocchi
Michela Modena
Margherita Pascucci
Antonello Prezioso
Luca Sala
Cris Skenderi

Elena Fontanella
Alisia Tognon
Gerardo Semprebon