Milano San Cristoforo Anew

International Architectural Design Workshop.
Politecnico di Milano + National Chin-yi University of Technology.
Milano. 05 – 10 June 2017.

Director: Luca MF Fabris (Polimi)
Co-director: Fan Fu (NCUT)

Supervisors: prof. Matteo Poli (Polimi), prof. Elisa C. Cattaneo (Polimi), prof. Cassandra Cozza (Polimi), prof. Azzurra Muzzonigro (Polimi)
Tutors: arch. Arian Heidari Afshari (Polimi), arch. Xiaoyue Li (Polimi), arch. Gerardo Semprebon (Polimi)
Lecturers: prof. Gian Luca Brunetti (Polimi), prof. Damiano Iacobone (Polimi)
Invited Experts: arch. Umberto Andolfato (Vice President AIAPP Lombardia), prof. Anna Frangipane (Uni Udine),  prof. Antonio Longo (Polimi, DASTU coordinator AUIC Master in Landscape Arch), prof. Jody Patterson (British Columbia Institute of Technology), prof. Ilaria Valente (Polimi, AUIC School Dean)

This International Workshop faces the topic of the environmental design in the historical, architectural, urban, industrial and landscape multi-layered fabric of Milano San Cristoforo (Italy), introducing a reflection on value, importance, problems, and challenges in adding and merging new architecture and new landscape architecture in a very complex site creating a new quarter dedicated to young people and their style-life. Students will design a new city park and some new buildings along the Naviglio Grande canal in the South-western urban part of Milan. The area, formerly part of the San Cristoforo suburban railway station, is now involved in a urban redevelopment process and indicated in the Master Plan of Milan (Piano di Governo del Territorio, PGT) as “Ambito di Trasformazione Urbana” (ATU – Urban Transformation Area) with the vocation for ‘youth design creativity’.