Requalification of Seriate Historic Center






International ideas competition for the requalification of Seriate Historic Center
2017. Seriate
Team: Giovanni Bassani, Marco Ceccherini, Andrea Oldani, Gerardo Semprebon

2nd Prize

The project faces different aspects and a long-term timing, tackling the regeneration process as a metabolic progress articulated over time, including experimental, testing, and implementation phases. The first step consists in the rethinking of the train station, proposing it as an interchange node between different kinds of mobilities. This place is conceived as an urban gate for both the city center and the renewed “Area Mazzoleni”, offering resting areas, an autobus station, and a bike hub that will become the central spot of the Serio’s bike path, today perceived as a weak point. The second point tries to establish innovative methods for the historic center recovery as the heart of the city. In particular, the courtyards are conceived as semi-public spaces, open in some periods of the day, and rich of activities. Some temporary structures, cheap and fast-built, offer the first occasion for a different collective vitality of courtyards. The pedestrian public space spreads to the street becoming a network between important spots. The last step moves from the centrality of Serio River. A renovated care for the presence of water suggests the possibility of rethinking the river as a permeable urban system, through views, perspectives, and crossings. A new bridge links the two banks reinforcing the important role of Piazza Bolognini.