2014 – 2016. Düsseldorf
Collaboration with Stefano Semprebon designer

Our design for the Showroom Thelen in Düsseldorf is based on few simple principles:
– strong territorial connotation;
– relation between the store and the city;
– identity and hierarchy to each room.
The project is divided into the arrangement of the interior and the proposal for a new facade on the street.
As for the exterior, the idea is to clean the superfluous and use painting anthracite in order to create a detachment with the surrounding. The use of these colors and materials, steel and anthracite, assume a strong symbolic value in the context, alluding to the vocation of the steel industry of the area and the historical presence of companies.
The organization of the interior is based on 4 houses, each with a different featured logic, according to “areas of taste”. The new School of kitchen become the space where the “art of cooking” goes on stage and blends with contemporary lifestyles. Particular attention is taken for the design of the main strategic points of the store, such as the reception and the stairs, a plastic element that plays both with the light filtering from the glass façade, and with the space with redefined by its borders.
On the 20th of May, 2016, the Showroom Thelen in Düsseldorf was inaugurated.